Permanent Design Passion

I love the diversity of our floral world.  Creating art within it’s lines can cover a large area.  Many just love designing fresh floral arrangements.  I love those as well, but I really love the other art forms that flow from that.  Especially “permanent botanicals” (artificial floral designs). These designs can be as artful as any, but with lasting qualities to admire for years.  Small or large, they can be designed for the many styles that are available in today’s design world including Asian, French Country, Contemporary.  Let’s just say they ain’t your mom’s “silk arrangements!ImageImageImageImage


My Affection For Birch

It may seem a little strange, but the site of a birch tree excites me.  My mind starts churning with all these designs I can create with these trees.  They’ve gone through cycles of popularity, and they just keep comn’ back.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that I can cut them at no cost (well, maybe a finger cut and put my back out here and there), that the trees are so prevalent in my area, that they have great looking bark, or that it gives me a chance to be an hombre with a table saw.  Whatever it is, birch trees really get my creative juices flowing.  The branches/logs make such a great base for designs and will (obviously) be in style for years to come.  These organic pieces look great in fresh plant designs, fresh flower designs, and permanent creations.

So when you’re traveling around, make sure you have a saw and clippers in your car.  You never know when you’re going to come across a goldmine of birch.  There’s an empty  house for sale a few blocks from us and I keep eying this deceased birch tree in the yard.  Yes, a little stroll in the moonlight just might do the trick!

I Like Things Simple

Sometimes I get confused with all the great products available in our floral world.  Tons of colored wire, bouquet holders, vases, tools.  I really do think it’s wonderful to have all these choices.  For some, it’s like a smorgasbord of delight.  To me, a bit unsettling.  I’m kind of OCD, so I get confused if I have to many choices.  I like things to be simple and easy for my brain to digest.  I applaud the many suppliers who create these things for the many diversified designers in our industry.  I happen to like keeping things simple and accessible.  Just the nature of this design beast.  Be well, and don’t forget to educated, motivate, and create!

My Floral Perspective

One thing I know for sure is that our professional and personal lives change.  That adage “Change is good” is true, but they never mentioned that the journey going through that change might not be what you expected.  A year ago this was really brought to the forefront with changes in our work lives.  With way too much overhead and no chance of eliminating that with our flower shop, we chose to turn it over to an employee.  Virtually just let it go.  It might not seem like a very smart move after 32 years of ownership, but when you’re losing money every month it makes total sense.  Sometimes we need to let go to progress.  And that’s exactly what happened.  My career and relationships are in such a better place.  Holding on to a dead horse just doesn’t work.  The sooner we realize that and let our ego go, the better our world will be.   Yup, change is good, but it’s work to get it there!

“The Stud’s Guide For Buying Flowers”

“The Stud’s Guide For Buying Flowers”.

“The Stud’s Guide For Buying Flowers”

Our floral world is filled with much beauty and wonder.  As designers of flowers we touch people’s lives on a daily basis, from the time they are born till they leave this world.  But the last few years have been a trying time for the neighborhood florist, with the “cyber” florist entities grabbing our orders then sending them down to us.  And at a loss of 27% of dollars this really hurts. Groups are working to change this and I’m glad to see our world fighting for our financial and creative rights.

In my small way I decided to contribute by using my newest passion, the written word. So two years ago I began that journey  with my flower buying guide “The Stud’s Guide For Buying Flowers”.   With marketing so important in our changing world, I realized I needed something to grab people’s attention.  And sex came to the forefront.  A bit out there for our industry but decided I needed to go for it.  Sex and flowers?  Of course!  With that platform I began putting together different scenarios and occasions that men could buy flowers for.  I cover new relationships, marriage/living with, parents/siblings, work relationships, death, roses, history of buying flowers, neighbors. But the true focus revolves around forming a relationship with the neighborhood florist to secure a lifetime of wonderful floral sharing and showing that the internet is the place to go to find the true floral designers.  And that’s where the value of this publication comes to light.   Happy sharing….

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